Some publications relevant to our regional air quality from a variety of sources.

Sacramento Area Regional 8-Hour Ozone Attainment Plan (2013 Revision)
Lays out regional strategies and actions to meet federal ozone standards.

SACOG Regional Blueprint Project
Award-winning voluntary smart-growth map for the six-county region that was adopted by most local governments.

CARB Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement
State strategies to help reduce pollution from increases in shipping, rail and trucking of goods (including Sacramento). Proposition 1B funds will help implement its provisions.

SACOG Goods Movement Study
Local companion study of shipping, rail and trucking trends in the six-county region. Will help leaders decide how to spend $30 billion in transportation funding.

American Lung Association Annual State of the Air Report
Nonprofit’s annual report rates the nation’s best and worst communities for air quality, including Sacramento.

Roseville Railyard Study
2012 update to 2004 study that illustrates pollution and health effects from Roseville’s J.R. Davis railyard, the largest West of the Mississippi River.

SMAQMD Report to the Community
The Sacramento Air District’s biannual summary report to the community.

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